Tech in Education

Tech in Education

Tech in Education:

  • Great way to reach diversity in learning
  • Increase student interaction by encouraging collaboration
  • Prepare students for the real world environment - which is tech savvy.
  • Students have access to up-to-date-information.

Interactive Whiteboard IW2100

Interactive Whiteboard IW2100
Boardroom Solutions:
• Increases board management
• Better data security
• Enhanced boardroom dynamics
• Up-to-date directors

Come see what interactive products are really about!

Come see what interactive products are really about!
Come see why you need to utilize Interactive Products in your environments

Don't Fear Technology

Don't Fear Technology
Don't fear technology, embrace it in your environment! Whether is Education or Corporate, there is no reason you should be left behind - enquire about a free demonstration from our specialists.

Why Buy A Wi-Fi Only Tablet?

Why Buy A Wi-Fi Only Tablet?
Don't waste money on an additional plan for your tablet, Instead, use your phone's plan via connecting to its HOTSPOT for internet access when you need it.
Preload all your favourite books, magazines, music, TV series and movies, with SD Card support and the ability to connect via USB, you have more than enough space
there is always a WiFi network around the corner to connect to and gain internet access
There is no shortage of offline games and applications that will ensure your hands and mind stays busy
Get more for less: Wifi only tablets are cheaper -  YET - packs a stronger punch with slightly higher specifications
Stop stressing about that "HUGE" data bill

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