Site Inspection

Request a FREE site inspection from Parrot Products. A Parrot Technician or Specialist will conduct a thorough site inspection and generate a detailed report. The report will provide a fantastic overview of your school’s/business’ current AV and Presentation installations and their state throughout the entire organization.

This report could be used to identify areas of concern, proof of the progress made, confirmation of investments made and highlight any future investment requirements.

Details about the Site Inspection

  • It’s completely FREE and there is no obligation associated with it to commit or purchase anything
  • A Parrot Technician will come out to the school on a date and time that suits you
  • The technician will walk through all classrooms and facilities to document –
    • Current electronics equipment installed/used
    • State of current equipment

Details about the Site Inspection Report

The report covers:

  • Current electronics equipment installed/used
  • State of the current equipment installed
  • If possible and available: Teacher feedback with regards to current equipment installed
  • A proposal on how Parrot could add value to their school based on the information gathered from the site inspection (there is no obligation to use this report)