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Teachers and Lecturers: The Classroom of the Future is here. Want to see what it looks like?

Teachers and Lecturers: The Classroom of the Future is here. Want to see what it looks like?

Taking care of yourself as a teacher is vital. So, although you’re usually the one who does all the teaching and training, here’s a quick lesson that may enrich you the way you usually enrich others: Imagine a not too distant future that allows you to finish your class and then simply take your equipment home with you - if you’re not already at home.


Quick lesson for the teacher​

Your audience’s ability to learn during your lessons is directly linked to the length of their attention spans. There is only so much attention they can afford to pay you before their brains go “broke”, so to speak. Roughly, only eight seconds, according to experts.


Furthermore, if they’re not able to pay attention, all your efforts, however brilliant, will be fruitless.


It also doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their age, but how much time they spend online, and if it's a lot of time, they’re likely to have a much shorter attention span than what you may have given them credit for.



Interactive whiteboards in the Classroom

Interactive whiteboards in the Classroom

Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom


As we start the year 2020 I thought it will be a great journey for me as a trainer to start sharing my experience with regards to the use of ICT in the classroom. As I write this blog I feel that a class does not just have to be equipped with technological hardware but for it to be functional it needs an innovative educator.


Today I would like to focus on the Interactive Whiteboard mainly Parrot Interactive- though most of the information is relevant to a variety of Interactive Whiteboard. 


Interactive Whiteboard

An Interactive Whiteboard is a whiteboard that allows one to manipulate the projected images of a computer screen. In a learning ecosystem, educators can project and control lessons created on different software, for example, Interactive Software, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. Educators can also enhance a lesson by adding links, educational applications, and tools.


Components of an Interactive Whiteboard

The basic set up for an Interactive whiteboard consist on 

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • computer/ laptop
  • Projector 

Set-Up of the Interactive Whiteboard


Interactive Whiteboard Diagram

The connection between computer to project 

Educators can be able to transmit an image of the computer screen to the projector by using a 

  • Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable that transfers video data
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) transmit audio and video data

The connection between computer to Interactive Whiteboard

A USB cable is used to connect the Interactive Whiteboard and the computer. This connection allows for the transmission of touch functionality between the computer and the Whiteboard, without this connection the board will be idle.


Software and Drivers

All Parrot Interactive Whiteboard has whiteboard software available that serves different purposes (please read my next blog looking at Whiteboard software that is available). Use this link to download the Software and drivers on Parrot Website Software and Drivers. I have also added a training video for how one can calibrate the Interactive board and also the Teach Infinity Software with user guide


When Interactive Whiteboards are effectively used in the classroom they can be a tool that helps educators create a class that caters to different learning needs(please read my blog on this topic). There is a need for educators to be

Parrot's Digital LED Modular Displays

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Parrot Interactive's Multi-Touch LED Panel

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Parrot Interactive's Multi-Touch LED Panel

Boring Presentations Are So un#!

Time to Electrify Your Students

Boring Presentations Are So un#!

Sam is a substitute High School teacher that has just been thrown in the deep end. One of the permanent teachers has had a nervous breakdown and Sam has been asked to step in to teach a Grade 9 Natural Sciences class at the last minute.

With hardly any time at all to prepare, Sam decides to teach them about something novel and current like the recent volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Bali. Sam thinks this is an exciting topic that should hopefully, engage a group of 14-year-olds with a notoriously short attention span. This is the “hashtag” generation and they need constant stimulation to keep engaged.


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