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Why we love the Parrot Products Roller Rail system in classrooms

Why we love the Parrot Products Roller Rail system in classrooms

Roller Rail Systems have made multitasking, planning, class management, and teaching, unchallenging, effortless and fun to do.

The Roller Rail system combines Interactive teaching technology with the traditional method of standard white or chalk boards, in one stylish aluminium track system.

Chalking in a Chalkboard

Chalking in a Chalkboard

One of the most important things to do when caring for your chalk board is to “Chalk it in”.

ALL YOU NEED is chalk and a damp cloth.

Whiteboards in classrooms and beyond

Whiteboards in classrooms and beyond

Chalkboards have been the tradition in many classrooms for many years and probably used in some classrooms today, however, whiteboards have steadily replaced these boards and are now the preference for a static teaching aid.

Digital Printed Glass Whiteboards and Splash Backs

Digital Printed Glass Whiteboards and Splash Backs

In this post we are going to talk about:

  • Glass Whiteboards
  • Printed Glass Whiteboards – for visual and writing
  • Printed Glass Splash backs
  • Printed glass for shower partitions

The new innovation of Flipcharts - Glass Flip Chart

The new Glass Flipchart with its sleek, modern and frameless design is a perfect addition to the modern day boardroom or office space.


The superior glass write and wipe surface enables you to use your flip chart as a whiteboard whilst the featured castor stand provides mobility.


The frameless glass flipcharts are available in a variety of colours and offer fantastic flexibility as they can be customised to any design/print to suit the look, feel and culture of any organisation.


Why purchase a Glass flipchart?

  • They are the new innovation of flipcharts and gives any environment a hip and happening sleek feel.
  • Ability to perform all your presentations in style.
  • They have the flexibility to be personalised to any environment.
  • They are timeless, easy to maintain and long lasting

Glass flipchart features:

  • Hight Adjustable
  • Integrated pentay
  • Paper hooks
  • Frameless design
  • Lockable castors

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