Reimagine the post Pandemic workplace - How companies can make remote working a success

The covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed the world, the way we live, think, and do things. It has influenced the structure of many businesses and educational operations.


The pandemic forced millions of people around the globe to suddenly turn their home into their office and were almost out of the blue, introduced to the new world of work and doing business.

The transition happened so quickly and nearly overnight, and as a result, many businesses had to put steps in place to prepare for the next normal.


The New Normal

There’s no going back. Great acceleration in the use of technology, digitization, and alternative forms of working is what is going to sustain many businesses.

The global pandemic has given companies no choice but to switch to remote work. If there is anything businesses have learned during this pandemic, is that business operations can continue and thrive despite employees being scattered in different locations.


In fact, this realization has led to some companies making remote work more permanent, integrating this even into 2022.



Make remote working a success

Technology has definitely made it easy to stay in touch with the people we work with, so one can still collaborate and communicate effectively, with the right tools and equipment in place.


Parrot Products offers a wide range of remote working solutions for both employers and employees.


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Setting up your workstation for your remote work is important to your comfort and productivity.

When creating that space, set office hours, dress up for work, make it look like an office, designate a work-only space and keep healthy snacks close by.

Create the environment that would motivate you, and you would want to work in. 

Tools to use when working remotely
Here are key tools that can facilitate communication with your employees, students, etc.


Webcam, Tripod, Visualizer, Digital Drawing Tablet, Headphones, Mini Bluetooth speaker, Laptop Stand, Desktop USB Microphone, and more.

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