Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic Whiteboards. Which to purchase?

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic Whiteboards. Which to purchase?

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic whiteboards. Which to purchase?

Magnetic whiteboard

Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

Glass whiteboards

Specially coated steel

Specially coated MDF

Non-porous surface

Magnetic receptive

Not receptive to magnets

Magnetic or Non Magnetic

Heavy use

Moderate use

Long lasting use


Magnetic Whiteboards
Who should use a magnetic whiteboard?
-    Anyone who uses magnets -  Trainers, Sport Coaches, Leave planners, Teachers, etc

Non- Magnetic Whiteboard
Non-magnetic whiteboards can be used at home or at the office and are ideal for general office use.

*When planning to purchase a non-magnetic whiteboard, we advise you consider how often the whiteboard will be used.  If it will be used on a continual daily basis, throughout the day, we recommend a magnetic whiteboard.


Glass Whiteboards
The elite of the whiteboard range, with a unique aesthetic + supplied in magnetic or non-magnetic options. 

The frameless design of these boards creates a modern sleek look to any environment. Glass whiteboards are supplied by Parrot Products in white but can be customised in any colour or print design.
Ideal for: All work places, Meeting Rooms, Offices, Boardrooms, Universities and Schools.


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