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Standard Whiteboard in Office Environment
Graphs on Whiteboard
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  • Magnetic Whiteboards (Factory Warranty)
  • Non-Magnetic Whiteboards (Factory Warranty)
  • Enamel Whiteboards (Offering Forever Warranty)

Next Day Delivery

*Next Day Delivery (SA)

Depending on regions in other Countries, an additional day may apply.

Why Parrot Products Whiteboards?

Parrot Products Whiteboards are offered in 14 different sizes which are all supplied with a Pen Tray and concealed mounting (Masonry Plugs and Screws, 6mm) which can be used with an Easy Rail System.


Our Dry Erase Erase Boards are locally Manufactured and proudly South African



Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified


Non-Magnetic Whiteboard Sizes

Standard Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

Slimline Non-Magnetic Whiteboard
Slimline Non-Magnetic Whiteboard Sizes:

Are you looking to customize your Whiteboard?

If you require a special size or print on a whiteboard. Please feel free to contact our contact center.

Phone: +27(0)10 140 4900

Email: sales@parrot.co.za


Who will install your whiteboard?

We install just about anywhere

Installation of any of our product range | Friendly and Efficient Team | Affordable Rates

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Benefits of Whiteboards
  • Manage Weekly, Daily and Monthly tasks
  • Plan Daily Activities
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Ideal for Teaching
  • Presentations
  • Ideal for Training Rooms
  • Allow for more visual learning and engagement
  • Ideal for someone who uses magnets, trainers, leave planners and teachers and etc

Be the best at what you do

Board Installation Videos

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