How did the rapid technological developments revolutionize teaching and learning in the classrooms

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live, work, and play. The field of education is no exception. Technology was abuzz and education was the primary target for researchers who wanted to transform education as we know it to be. The classroom of today looks and operates significantly differently to the classrooms of five, ten and even 20 years ago.


Interactive LED PanelGone are the days of a solitary desktop computer in the corner, a dusty chalkboard, and an overhead projector. The 21st Century classroom houses various technologies from Interactive Displays, Interactive whiteboards, laptops, projectors and visualizers, all seamlessly connected by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and supported by a range of software from cloud-based to apps.


The Evolution

Over the years, South Africa has felt the pressure from other countries who are continuing to successfully integrate information and communication technologies (ICTs) into the education of their students. In order to prepare students to thrive in the digital age, it’s essential to to provide them with the skills and resources they will need to succeed in life.


To support schools in developing technological strategies, and the classrooms. Parrot Products offers a free site inspection which provides a fantastic overview of your school’s/business’ current AV and Presentation installations and their state throughout the entire organization.


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Technology and Education

In the physical classroom, some postsecondary educators view technology as a distraction. Even if they don’t ban the use of mobile phones or social media during lectures, they may begrudgingly view technology as a little more than a necessary evil.


But after a year of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, perspectives are changing. Rather than simply ‘tolerate’ it, instructors are realizing the importance of technology and how it can increase engagement, encourage collaboration, spark innovation and enhance student learning.


Impact of technology in education

Educational technology helps to bring about changes in the processes of teaching and learning in classrooms. For example, technology has the potential to transform and change your traditional monologue to beyond.


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