Accidentally grabbed a permanent marker to write on your whiteboard? - Do Not Panic

Accidentally grabbed a permanent marker to write on your whiteboard? - Do Not Panic

Here are Three simple Methods you can use to remove a permanent marker from your whiteboard surface.









Whiteboard Marker:

  1. Take your whiteboard marker and draw over the permanent writing on the whiteboard.
  2. Cover the writing by colouring over the permanent writing.
  3. Take a dry clean cloth or whiteboard eraser and remove the writing off your whiteboard surface.
  4. Repeat this method until the permanent writing is removed.

Cleaning Fluid Method:

  1. Spray Parrot Products cleaning fluid on the permanent writing.
  2. Take a dry clean cloth.
  3. Wipe the permanent writing off the whiteboard.


Aqua Wipe Method:

  1. Rinse a Parrot Products Aqua Wipe.
  2. In water. Wring out excess water until the Aqua Wipe is damp but not wet.
  3. Wipe the permanent marker of your whiteboard surface using the damp Aqua Wipe.
  4. Please note that the Aqua Wipe is not effective in a dry state.

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