Interactive Touch LED Panel 65" 4K

Interactive Touch LED Panel 65" 4K

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Parrot’s 65” 4K multi-touch screen takes presentations, lessons and collaborative discussions to the next level. Increase your audience’s participation through this multi-media interactive display and ensure information retention through increased focus. Interact with your up-to-date content through annotations, gesturing or manipulations. Working or learning has never been more fun.

A compact solution for presentations in education and corporate environments.
Eco-friendly with LED back light as well as multi-touch function for powerful presentations.

Advanced Features:

Plug & Play
The interactive touch function is compatible with Microsoft Human Interface
Device Protocol. The user can experience the touch function without driver

The interactive touch screen is based on infrared sensor technology that identify up to 10 points
touch to enhance the productivity and to communicate effectively, intuitively and naturally.

The interactive touch screen adopts LED backlight which offers a thinner panel,
lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, brighter display, better
contrast level and produces less pollution on disposal.


Additional Features include:

  • Support Wi-Fi printer
  • On Screen Annotation
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Dual Operation System
  • Android system built in
  • OPS for Windows available [code: WB5250]
  • 4K Resolution (for 60Hz)
  • Android 5.0 version
  • Faster CPU-MSD6A828
  • Extended RAM to 2GB
  • Extended RTOM to 8GB
  • Anti-Glare glass



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