Why we love the Parrot Products Roller Rail system in classrooms

Why we love the Parrot Products Roller Rail system in classrooms

Roller Rail Systems have made multitasking, planning, class management, and teaching, unchallenging, effortless and fun to do.

The Roller Rail system combines Interactive teaching technology with the traditional method of standard white or chalk boards, in one stylish aluminium track system.

Roller Rail System in the Classroom

Are you looking to plan ahead for all your daily classes?
Are you looking to sharpen the transitions between changes of activities in your classrooms?


Roller Rail System produces

More of this and Less of that


The Roller Rail System is the future of the classroom and the boardroom

Designed to be used with or without an Interactive Electronic Board.

Simply mount your LED Touch Panel or Interactive Whiteboard directly against the wall. The Roller Rail System fits and can be installed around any Interactive system.

The smooth and fluid movement of the boards from one side to the other allows for the boards to slide over one another effortlessly. Giving you the ability to prepare for all your classroom activities in one go, no more wasting time writing and erasing content during classes or boardroom sessions.

Installation of Roller Rail System

“Perform multiple classroom activities without wasting time”

Different boards can be used on the Roller Rail System track e.g., Whiteboard, Bulletin Board, Chalkboard etc. Boards selected are purely dependent on your requirements.

Roller Rail Boards


Benefits of a Parrot Products Roller Rail System

  • Fits all interactive Systems
  • Custom sizes available
  • Anodised Aluminium finish
  • Total 3 tracks can be added to the standard 2
  • Plastic moulded corners

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