Why interactive Teaching is more Successful

Why interactive Teaching is more Successful

The incorporation of interactive solutions in classrooms has enhanced the teaching and the learning process.

Why interactive teaching is more successful

Technology has been integrated with all levels of learning, Primary schools, High schools, Universities including Colleges.

So why is Interactive learning more successful?

Teachers structure lessons more efficiently
  • Teachers are able to plan ahead for all classes, which gives them more time during lessons to teach and interact with their students.
  • Takes presentations, lessons and collaborative discussions to the next level.
  • Increase participation through the multi-media interactive display.
Students are more engaged
  • Students are more anxious to know how the interactive whiteboard and LED panels work, this spurs student enthusiasm, in return, they are becoming more involved in the learning process.
  • Information retention through increased focus.
  • Interact with up-to-date content through annotations, gesturing or manipulation.

Teachers with Interactive Whiteboards and LED Panels

Learning has never been Fun for both Teachers and Students

Students find learning more fun if it is integrated with Text, images, Videos and Audio files, rather than the old traditional one-way learning system.

Students and Learners interacting on a Interactive Whiteboard and Touch LED Panel

Students in classrooms are enjoying learning in different ways, allowing those with learning difficulties to also find classes easier and more enjoyable by the inclusion of visuals and Audios.

Schools and learning institutions are seeing the benefits of the interactive whiteboards and the Touch LED Panels with their students and Teachers and how much of a difference it has made in their industry.

Parrot Products interactive whiteboards are available in 3 different sizes (The 100” 84” and the 50”),
for the products to be used successfully, a digital data projector and a laptop is needed.

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Parrot products interactive Touch LED Panels are also available in 3 different sizes (The 86” 65” and the 55”).

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