Whiteboards in classrooms and beyond

Chalkboards have been the tradition in many classrooms for many years and probably used in some classrooms today, however, whiteboards have steadily replaced these boards and are now the preference for a static teaching aid. 

Whiteboard in Educational Environment


Engagement and Creativity

Why not use a whiteboard to help students tease out ideas or allow them to think through a whiteboard when answering questions, solving a maths equation or drawing a graph?

Child Writing on Whiteboard

A maths teacher mentioned, “Whiteboards have built confidence amongst her students”. She thinks its because it allows them to correct small mistakes easily.

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Don’t limit installation of your Whiteboard to the front of the classroom - enabling the teacher to write out points or call students to, instead install Whiteboards on more walls in the classroom, giving students the room to work and brainstorm.

Produce Smart, Creative and Happy students”

Children in Classroom with Whiteboard in the Background

Parrot products offers a variety of whiteboards to suit any classroom, boardroom, meeting room or home. Contact us for any enquiries regarding your whiteboard purchase or whiteboard installations.  Click here to view other related whiteboard accessories

 For customised products please send an email to sales@parrot.co.za for a speedy quotation or contact us – one of our call centre agents are standing by to assist you.

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