Why Buy A Wi-Fi Only Tablet?

Why Buy A Wi-Fi Only Tablet?
Don't waste money on an additional plan for your tablet, Instead, use your phone's plan via connecting to its HOTSPOT for internet access when you need it.
Preload all your favourite books, magazines, music, TV series and movies, with SD Card support and the ability to connect via USB, you have more than enough space
there is always a WiFi network around the corner to connect to and gain internet access
There is no shortage of offline games and applications that will ensure your hands and mind stays busy
Get more for less: Wifi only tablets are cheaper -  YET - packs a stronger punch with slightly higher specifications
Stop stressing about that "HUGE" data bill

Parrot Tablet Introduction (TB1001)

Parrot Tablet Introduction (TB1001)
We are pleased to introduce our very own 3G & Wi-Fi Tablet. The TB1001 will capture every detail with its 10.1" screen and ensure you are not left behind when it comes to staying connected on the move.

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