Digital Classrooms

Interactive Learning with Interactive whiteboards

Digital Classrooms

Technology plays a vital role in learning and preparing students for life after school.

Interactive whiteboards in classrooms encourages a new way of thinking, a different level of engagement and interaction amongst the teacher, the students and the learning process.

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“Upgrade your Teaching environment to Parrot Products interactive whiteboards”.

Interactive learning

Kids interacting on a Digital Whiteboard

Interactive content engages students and encourages feedback and participation.
Interaction is a valuable tool for learning, and with technology in classrooms like the Parrot Products interactive whiteboards, student are receiving a useful and more practical learning experience.





Benefits of Interactive whiteboards in classrooms

  • Increases students and teacher’s interaction
  • Students and Teachers are more hands-on during classes
  • Helps educators to streamline technology with education
  • Leverages learning skills amongst both students and teachers 

Parrot Products Interactive whiteboards are offered in three different sizes. A Data Projector and Laptop would be required for the interactive whiteboard to function and perform its’ duties.

Interactive Whiteboard in Classroom with a Short Throw Projector

Be the leader in interactive presentations

Interactive whiteboards can be used in other learning environments, like training rooms, lecture halls, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

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Parrot Products Interactive whiteboards are full HDMI quality and are multi-touch.

  • FREE demonstrations on site
  • FREE Training WITH EVERY Interactive purchase
  • Installation
  • Nationwide Next Day Delivery
  • Dedicated specialist support

Contact us for any product queries, installations or send an email to order a Parrot Products Interactive Whiteboard.

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