Roller Rail - Joiner

Roller Rail - Joiner

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Please note that this Product contains the following kit item(s):

Used for extending tracks over 6m.

Product Features:

  • Board Sliding system is ideal for use with interactive Whiteboards/LED Panels.
  • Compatible with Whiteboards, Chalk Boards, Info Boards and Bulletin Boards.
  • Allow for the use of multiple boards on one wall and many different combinations.
  • Available from one to four tracks.
  • Each track supplied with an adjustable end position stopper.
  • Ideal for Offices and Classrooms.
  • Easy to mount and use.
  • Supplied with masonry screws.
  • Can be installed next to each other for a larger surface area for custom lengths.

*This only includes the Joiner.  Interactive LED panels & Whiteboards not included.

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