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Abstract Marker Colours


Be as colourful as you want to be

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Permanent Markers

Permanent Marker ink on Whiteboards can be removed with Office Equipment & Whiteboard Cleaner

Permanent Marker used in Planning



Buy in a Box of 10

Permanent Markers Boxed

Box of 10 Bullet Tip

Glass / Chalk Board Markers

Suitable for Blackboards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards and Glassboards
Write to your imagination with 6 different colours.

Permanent Marker used in Planning




Be as colourful as you want to be

Highlighter Liquid Ink | Non-Fading Highlighters | Crayon Highlighters


All highlighters are Non-fading and are copier, fax and scanner friendly.




Buy in Singles

Single Carded Highlighters

Carded Chisel Tip

Available Colors:Carded Highlighter Colours

Buy in a Box of 10

Single Carded Highlighters
Available Colors:Boxed 10 Highlighter Colours



Buy in Assorted Pouches

4 Pack Highlighters

Chisel Tip

Crayon Tip

Available Colors:Crayon Highlighter Colours

Buy Liquid Highlighters

Liquid Ink Highlighters
Available Colors:Liquid Ink Highlighter Colours
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