Interactive LED Solutions

Interactive LED Solutions

Why Touch?

  • Touch technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users.
  • Computer literacy is no longer an issue - as interaction with your content is natural through touch gestures.
  • No keyboard and mouse ensures a neat and efficient environment.
  • Create a bright, colourful touch experience that engages and unites audiences in a classroom and beyond.
  • Mutli Touch technology facilitates collaboration - greatly increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Touch is no longer a new concept (i.e. tablets and smart phones) - as such children and adults alike will naturally adapt these larger formats.
  • Interacting directly with your material ensures the focus of your audience is not divided - like it would be using a laser, clicker or tablet.

Parrot Touch LED is not restricted to any one industry.

Small to large office | Small to large boardroom | Small to large training room | Brainstorming room

Engage with users and customers by allowing them to interact with photos, videos, documents, webpages, global maps and all kinds of different applications.

Experience a whole new level of possibilities when designing and creating architecture projects. Facilitate virtual tours and deeper level of interaction with a greater level of detail.

Present meetings on the Touch panel in your boardroom & schools. Make use of the Microsoft office products to organise and manage your meetings.

Explore live webinar with meetings that takes place over the web. The meeting can be a presentation, discussion, demonstration or instructional session. Participants can view documents and applications via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion.

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