Parrot Products Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals

We supply high quality cleaning products and janitorial equipment, for industrial, commercial and
household use.


We supply a comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals, janitorial products, soap dispensers,
chemical refillable bottles and refuse bags.



Cleaning Chemicals

Our wide range includes bleach, dish washing liquid, toilet cleaner, handy kleen, hand soap, tile
cleaner and window cleaner.


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Bleached Clothes

Our bleach product range is used for washing, brightening, germ killing and stain removal.


Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, drains and plugholes.

Dishwashing Liquid Lifestyle

Dishwashing liquid soap.


Ideal for dish washing and cleaning kitchen surfaces with a refreshing lemon scent.

Keep Toilets Clean

Keep your toilets germ free and hygienically clean with our toilet cleaner, a deodorizer, sanitiser and stain remover, all-in-one.


Clean bathrooms, tiles, floors and dustbins.



Handy Kleen Lifestyle

Handy Kleen is formulated to clean even the toughest dirt.
To be used to clean baths, basins, stoves, tiles, showers and hard surfaces effectively. Does not require rinsing after use.

Hand Soap Lifestyle

Our Hand soap is effective in both hard and soft water.


Rinse off with clean water.

Cleaning Tiles with Parrot Tile Cleaner

Our tile cleaner dissolves fats and oils in cold water.


Can be used to clean floors, motor vehicles, worktop surfaces, tiles as well as for general cleaning.

Cleaning Window with Parrot Window Cleaner

Use window cleaning liquid on windows, glass, mirrors, TV screens and shower doors.


Highly concentrated liquid and can be used undiluted.



Broom and Mops

Choosing which broom and mop to buy might seem like the simplest decision to make, however it is not.
It’s important to choose a mop and a broom that will not only damage your flooring and tiles but will last long and perform the best job.


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Parrot Products Broom Lifestyle

Our soft brooms are light weight and made from quality fibre for effective sweeping.


300mm soft head.


1200mm powder coated handle

Parrot Products Mop Lifestyle

Our high quality mop is super absorbent and is made of 100% cotton.


1200mm aluminium handle.


400g mop head

Parrot Products Double Roller Mop Lifestyle

Double Roller Mechanism.


Super absorbent PVA sponge.


Retractable handle for ease of use.


Soft Hand grip for comfort when in use.

Janitorial Sweep Mop

Fan shaped spray to easily wet and clean floors.


Lightweight high strength aluminium design


Refillable on-board 600ml reservoir – add water and the floor chemical of your choice.

Janitorial Bucket

Ergonomic carry handle and strong durable design


Pour spout


14L Capacity


Parrot Products Refuse Bags Lifestyle

Refuse Bags

Keep clean, eliminate dirt and manage waste:

  • 20 Bags
  • Interleaved
  • 18 Micron
  • 750 x 950mm
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 80L Capacity
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