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We offer a wide range of quality cables and adaptors for computers, TV's, Home Theatres, audio and


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HDMI-VGA Adaptor

The HDMI-VGA adapter provides a cost-effective and easy solution for connecting a desktop, laptop, or other devices with an HDMI port to a VGA display such as a monitor, projector or TV.

HDMI Cable Lifestyle

The HDMI cable is only compatible with newer devices that transmit high definition broadcasts.

USB Cables Lifestyle

USB cables are very popular cables for connecting to computers.

Network Cable Lifestyle

Network cables are used to connect devices such as routers and modems to a computer.



Audio cables, Adaptors and Connectors

Audio connectors are cables responsible for transmitting audio signals between each of its connected devices.
Although they were designed decades ago, they’re still commonplace in today’s technology.

We find audio ports on most portable devices that output analogue audio.


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Auxiliary Cable Lifestyle

Connect your phone via the 3.5mm auxiliary cable to your car stereo.

3.5mm Jack to Two RCA Audio Connectors

You’ll be able to connect to one device that supports a 3.5mm Jack and another device that supports two RCA Audio connectors.

Stereo Audio Equipment Lifestyle

Connect Stereo audio equipment.


Perfect for guitars, mobiles devices and tablets.



Video/Display Cables, Adaptors and Connectors

Our cables transmit HD audio and video from computer to display, Ideal for video streaming, gaming, or extending a workstation.

If you are a game streamer or a home theatre owner, these cables will enhance your experience considerably.


VGA Cable Lifestyle

Allows you to connect your laptop and projector or TV with a 10 Meter VGA cable.

HDMI Adaptor Lifestyle

Connect your laptop or MacBook to any standard monitor.

Display Port Lifestyle

The Display port male to VGA female adaptor enables you to connect several computers with a Display Port easily.



HDMI Switches and Splitters

HDMI switches are electronic accessories that allow us to run multiple HDMI devices through a single television set.

It solves our everyday headache when the number of inbuilt ports of the T.V. set is less than the HDMI devices. This means you no longer have to unplug one device to plug-in the other HDMI device.


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HDMI Splitter Lifestyle

If you have one source and want to send that source's signal to multiple TVs, you need an HDMI splitter.

HDMI Adaptor Lifestyle

This is an intelligent HDMI* 3X1 Amplifier Switcher. It allows three HDMI* source devices switched into one HD monitor or projector.

HDMI Adaptor Lifestyle 2

Routes High Definition video and digital audio from any of the several sources to one display unit.

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  • Great products and easy to use.

    Judy Cloete
    Portland Primary
  • They are so efficient and delivered everything on time.

    Vincent Masango
    Sacred Heart College
  • Quality is good and the service is up to standard.

    Sarel Combrink
    Vereeniging Gimnasium
  • Parrot is definitely keeping up with technology as they incorporate it into their products.

    Zaid Hendricks
    Oacklands High
  • Bluetooth Sound Bars. Mobile Bluetooth Speakers & Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    Michael Chait
    King David High Linksfield
  • Goeie kwaliteit. Hulle Whiteboards is die beste! Ons het nog geen probleme ondervind nie.

    Wium Uys
  • Several Quotations for called for from several Companies. Parrot Responded within a day emailing me the quote. Two weeks later I am still awaiting quotations from the other companies approached.

    Noel Carr

    Source - School Advisor
  • The interactive boards are amazing.

    Michelle Perotti

    Source - School Advisor
  • The interactive boards are amazing.

    Michelle Perotti

    Source - School Advisor
  • I love Parrots range of whiteboard markers. I especially love the different and interesting colours. The student always choose their preferred colour when they enter the class - depending on their mood. The markers aren't only pretty to look at, they are also very effective and long lasting! I have been using my markers for almost two years now. Talk about saving money! Thank you for making my whiteboard colourful.

    Nadia la Grange

    Source - School Advisor
  • Kyk, ek is gek na Parrot se produkte; daarom kan ek Parrot se witbord-skoonmaker aan enige onnie aanbeveel. Nie net werk dit soos 'n bom nie, maar dit maak ook my witbord soos 'n nuwe een lyk. Beslis die geld werd.

    Nadia la Grange

    Source - School Advisor
  • I use it with maps in Geography to show students how to do measurements on a map to calculate distances etc. Where I would usually only be able to physically show one student how to measure on their own map I can now show the whole class using the visualizer.

    Claire Pattle

    Source - Teacher
  • It has been beneficial in teaching maths where the children can see how you are doing the calculation. Alot of the time the children understand concepts best when they see the steps. It is also portable which is an advantage when you need to teach in different venues.

    Kaley Levenderis

    Source - Teacher
  • Been really great during lockdown lessons to simply show textbook pages and annotate via a tablet.


    Source - Teacher
  • Covid has made it difficult to pass objects around the class. The visualisor has allowed me to project objects like the globe allowing all learners to see what I am doing.

    Natalie Schulz

    Source - Teacher
  • Teaching a practical subject like Engineering Graphics and Design has become so much easier. I can sit with my workbook and project what I am drawing for learners to follow along.


    Source - Teacher
  • Works well for staff who are more comfortable working on paper. Great for experiments and for tech.

    Kevin Steenkamp

    Source - Teacher
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