Wayfinding Signs and Sign Frames

Wayfinding plays a crucial role in various environments, including healthcare facilities, airports, shopping malls, public buildings, educational institutions, public transportation systems, and large event venues. By employing effective wayfinding strategies, designers and facility managers can create user-friendly environments that facilitate smooth and intuitive navigation.

There are four types of wayfinding signs.

Identification, directional, informational, and regulatory. As standalone signs, they serve a specific role; as part of the greater wayfinding system, they inform each other.

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Aluminium Sign Frame signage

Aluminium frames provide a clean and polished look for wayfinding signage,
enhancing the overall aesthetic of a facility.

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Door signs are attached to a door the lettered, numbered, pictorial or sculptured matter of which is visible from the exterior of the premises.


Our wall signs are made from aluminium frames for durability and a professional look.


Guides visitors through a facility, building, or campus.

Here’s what facility managers need to know about
deploying each of the primary wayfinding types.

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Identification Signs: Purpose:Clearly
identify locations like departments, exits, restrooms, and amenities.
at entrances, throughout corridors, and near specific destinations.
Directional Signs:
visitors towards specific destinations.
at decision points (hallways, intersections) and with high visibility. areas.
Informational Signs:
additional details about a location, service, or regulation.
near relevant points of interest, like amenities, building hours, or safety information.
Regulatory Signs:
visitors about safety regulations, fire exits, or restricted areas.
strategically for high visibility, especially near exits, hazardous areas, or restricted.

Clear labelling on your office signage improves the
accessibility of an area and makes it easier to navigate
and identify facilities.

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